The Associazione Per il Commerciao Italo Keniana (Italo-Kenyan Trade Association) being a non-profit organization, champions to support business development by promoting business to business between Italy and Kenya entities by providing opportunities to network, share information as well as educating its member on state and local laws and regulations in promoting a better business climate.

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  • 2014


    Setup of Associazione Per il Commercio

    The Associazione Per il Commerciao Italo Keniana was formed in ………………………….under the Roll of Joint/ Foreign Countries Chamber of Commerce in Italy in accordance with Ministerial decree of 15th February 2000 No.26 with having its members derived from Italian Companies operating in Kenya, Kenyan Companies and institutions.

  • 2015

    Conferences & Trainings

    Associazione Per il Commercio

    To ensure the mission and objectives set for the chamber of commerce are met, Associazione, conducts a series of meetings, conferences and trainings to it's members and prospective members.

  • 2015

    Anticipated Growth

    Associazione Per il Commercio

    With the passion generated, Associazione has its eyes on spreading its wings to benefit more business, communities and the Kenyan government.


To build , promote and enhance business to business between its members and the Kenyan Companies.

To lobby as well as represent its member on different platforms in liason with different stakeholders i.e government institutions, parastatals

To improve the business climate cooperation and overcome challenges that may affect both states by communicating with authorities of both .

We are keen on realizing mutual commerce dreams.