We are proud to be a part shaping history

The Italian-Kenyan Trade Association was founded at the end of 2013 with the aim, also, to create a portal for the activation of political, economic and cultural initiatives, expressions of the emerging specificity of the two countries. To suggest the initiative was the acknowledgment by some founding members of the considerable social capital acquired over the course of a decade of operation in the Central-East Africa area, together with the awareness that some activities and initiatives, often random and fragmentary, aimed at promoting the Italian System, they were institutionalized to make them not only organic but, above all, more effective

Professionals, entrepreneurs and institutions from both countries participated in the Association. Kenyan Ambassador in Italy and the Italian Ambassador in Kenya were members of the Association. Members of honor were: for Italy, His His Excellency the ambassador Castellaneta, at the time president of SACE, and for Kenya, the Minister of Economy and Treasury of Kenya Hon Henry K. Rotich.

The first important milestone which, among other things, gave an acceleration to the initiatives of the Association itself, was achieved with the signing of a Mou with Kenya Invest (body of the Ministry of industrialization with responsibility for investments and internationalization). With said MoU, the Association becomes a privileged partner of Kenya Invest in the identification of policies of organization and management of the one-stop shop for foreign investments, in general, and, in particular, for Italian investments in Kenya. The signing of the MOU took place in the presence of the Kenyan Economy Minister, the Italian Ambassador, His Excellency Mauro Massoni, the Deputy Minister to the Kenyan industry and about 50 local and Italian companies. It was thus possible to identify preferential routes for Italian companies in obtaining visas, work permits, de-bureaucratisation of tax processes, etc.

A further MoU was signed with the Association, Kenya Invest and Confindustria Internazionale in order to further facilitate Italian companies in the process of internationalization. The MoU was signed during the business forum held in Milan within the EXPO 2015. At this event, together with many Italian companies, many Kenyan companies led by His Excellency the President of Kenya Uhruru Keniatta took part. This event, in the period of June, was supported by Kenya Invest in collaboration with the Association.

The Association On July 27, 2015 also signed a protocol of Intesa (attached in copy) with the CNAPPC (National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservatories), Architectural Association of Kenya and The National Construction Authority for cultural initiatives , training and regulations, in the construction and infrastructure sector. Following this protocol, activities were started for the construction of a first international architectural convention to be held in Nairobi. The MoU was signed during the work of the forum concerning "good practices in the energy sector". This work, among others, was attended by Prof. Enzo Antonucci of the CNR ITAE of Messina and assisted 11 companies (also present as exhibitors) and over 120 Kenyan businessmen.

An important MoU is signed in the second half of the year 2015. With this MoU a CONSORZIO is established with the core mission of both supporting the partners in anticipating trends and disseminating opportunities for the rational use of natural resources , cultural heritage and human capital, especially in the most fragile territories of the planet, both to provide a shared experience in the areas of analysis of resources, preparation of projects and systems to support the management during access and balanced use of multilateral and bilateral funds. Parts of the MoU are:

  1. ART-Africa Renaissance time;
  2. ARTES-Applied
  3. Research into Training and Education Systems;
  4. BOKU-Institute for Environmental Biotechnology;
  5. CDCIK-Association for Italian-Kenyan Commerce;
  6. EACCIA-East African Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture;
  7. ENEA-Department of Energetic Technologies;
  8. ESTESI Foundation;
  9. SUPSI - Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care;
  10. UNICAL - Department of Law and Business Administration (DISCAG);
  11. UNIFI-Department of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Systems (GESAAF);
  12. UNIMA - Interdepartmental Research Center for Environment, C.I.R.AM. University of Naples Federico II.

In addition to signing the agreements and protocols, the Association has been particularly involved in activities in support of Italian companies. In particular, it has put in place initiatives aimed both at conquering new markets, presenting interesting signs of expansion, and in acquiring orders from Italian companies, also in competition with particularly aggressive entrepreneurial subjects coming from countries with solid economic foundations.

Substantially, following a path as chronological as possible, the following activities can be highlighted

In May 2014, the Association in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Novara organized a mission to benefit the sector of taps and valves. Six companies from the Piedmont Region participated in the mission, taking part in an EVAT internationalization program. This Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Novara and the Association provided support in the exhibition activities during the "Building Expo" event, held in Nairobi at KICC, and in the organization of BtoB meetings with potential Kenyan buyers.

In September 2014, within the first edition of IPAKIMA (an important international exhibition of value in the packaging sector), the Association in collaboration with PROMOS (Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan) accompanied 8 companies in the exhibition activities and in organization of B2B meetings.

During the same year 2014 other companies including: Glam Baloon;Azienda Firma Martinelli; BGR eletromatismi; etc. . have been supported (as participating partners) in their individual missions aimed at penetrating the Kenyan market. Some have also been helped in the processing of paperwork for the opening of branches and / or offices also taking advantage of the MoU with Kenya Invest

2015 opens with an event aimed at presenting SACE products to Architects and operators in the construction sector. The event, organized by the Association and held at Villa Rosa kempinski, registered the participation of His Excellency Ambasciatroe Mauro Massoni, the representative of SACE for Sub-Saharan Africa and of 23 Kenyan companies in the sector

In March 2015, in collaboration with PROMOS, capitalizing on the experience of the previous year, an experimental project was started with the establishment of a commercial presence to support the companies Stella Wealding and SORDI dairy machinery. The project, aimed at small and medium-sized companies that have difficulty in financing commercial structures on extranational territories, aims to identify strategies to approach new markets. It involves the participation of more similar and / or complementary companies that can benefit from the advantages of cost sharing, thus containing the costs of marketing within values appropriate to their size. As part of this project, the Association is committed to identifying and training local operators. Moreover, in collaboration with the Italian companies, it manages the efficiency control systems.

In April 2015 the Association, in order to promote cultural exchanges and strengthen relationships for possible collaborations, organizes the visit of the CEO of NCA (National Constructio Autorities) in Italy. During the trip there were meetings with: PROMOS of Milan; CNAPPC; Confindustria Sicilia. The importance of this initiative is linked to the role of NCA within every economic and business activity in Kenya. In fact no activity and business can be exercised without a specific permission of said Autorita'.

May 2015 the Association, together with ROEDL and Parnters and Confindustria Piacenza, following a specific request of Italian entrepreneurs, organizes and manages a first "incoming mission" event with potential Kenyans buyers. Among the latter, the KVDA CEO and chairman and Kenya Pipe line senior manager procurment participated.

In July 2015 the Association collaborated with the Italian Embassy to organize the visit of Prime Minister Renzi and his meeting with President Uhruru Keniatta.

At the end of July 2015 (28-29) the "milk supply chain" project is launched. The project involves multisectoral activities ranging from those:
  • directly related to milk production such as: breeding (with all related activities), milk treatment, dairy production, etc .;
  • instruments such as building shelters and infrastructures;
  • energy and recycling of waste materials (biogas and compost production, energy production using photovoltaics).

In the month of September 2015 edition of the Association in collaboration with Confindustria Bologna opens to the agri-business sector organizing a mission in Italy of Kenyan operators in the sector.

At the end of September (September 28th) with the collaboration of Kenya Investe, Kenya revenue authority, the Tourism Board and the National Immigration service, the Association organizes an event in Malindi, where a large Italian community resides and works, especially in the tourism sector,. The Malindi meeting, which took place in the presence of the Italian Embassy, had the aim of reducing, as far as possible, the discomfort due to the distance of the Kenyan Institution from the local community, also, with the possible opening of a decentralized cooperation office with Kenya Invest.

The year 2015 closes with the organization, in collaboration with EVAT (agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Novara), of a mission of a group of entrepreneurs operating in the field of valves and faucets. Four companies participated in the mission: (La Torre, Ferplast, Cristina Rubinetterie, Giacomini).

In February 2016 the Association organized a mission of potential buyers in the food sector. SACE also participated in the mission, promoting "stock financing" to finance the creation of stocks in favor of important operators in the supermarket sector.

In March 2016 the Association, together with SACE, organized an event to present the special economic zones of Kenya to the Italian Entrepreneurs together with the SACE products that could be activated in initiatives within these areas. At the meeting, held at the Radisson Blu, were the Minister of Industry, the representatives of the special economic zones, the Italian Embassy and a large representation of important Italian entrepreneurs.

In the second half of March 2016, the Association in collaboration with the Italian Embassy organized a mission of the Kenyan Minister of Economy in Italy. The mission made it possible to restart negotiations between the two countries, concerning double taxation, with the signing of a MOU between the Kenyan Minister of Economy and our Minister of Finance. On this occasion, the Kenyan Economy Minister visited SACE offices and met the managers of the structure. During this meeting, the Minister asked to raise the budget ceiling for Kenya.

In the period between March and July the Association engaged in various missions in the context of the incoming mission. These transfers were mainly aimed at potential middle-small Kenyan buyers

In July of the same year, with the collaboration of PROMOS and ANIE, an event was organized with the object of energy. Seven Italian companies took part in this event (ABB, ELVI, SAET, ICAR, DUCATI, COMAR, A DRIATICA). Following this event, SAET became part of the commercial presence.

In the second half of November 2016, together with UNIDO and the two Embassies, the Association organized a multi-ministerial mission (Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Industry and Agriculture Ministry) with the object "Unlocking the potential of Kenya-Italy economic partnership" . Said event saw the participation of two Ministers and 3 Kenyans Deputy Ministers geographically covering the cities of Milan, Padua, Vicenza and Rome. The various meetings essentially focused on: energy from renewable sources; waste management; cattle culture: tanning. The mission ended in Rome with a country presentation on the sidelines of which numerous institutional meetings took place. The mission has been financially supported by some members together with the Association itself.

During these years the Association has committed itself, also in the field of culture and cultural exchanges between the two countries. In fact, conferences and meetings have been organized in the following sectors: a) urban planning and architecture (revitalization of the historical center of Mombasa) with the participation of the University of Nairobi, the Faculty of Architecture of Reggio Calabria, the National Council of Italian architects, the National Museums of Kenya, the Institute of Italian Culture in Nairobi; b) of technology (res4africa).

Finally, the Association not only organized and managed commercial and cultural events, but in recent years, thanks to external consultants, it has supported several companies in the activities of registration of branches, administrative management, customs support, becoming a point reference for many Italians and Kenyans who want to do business in both countries