Proposal Writing

We assist members prepare business proposals for government projects. We understand the needs of both the goverment and our members enought to give the best write-up acceptable.


Offer members advise related to their areas of expertise by providing them with services such as networking forums, conferences ,notifications of updates to different industry standards, technical advice and educational products .

Clearing & Forwading

Assist member investors in provision of information related to importation and exportation, this being the rules, regulation and laws that govern as per the different bodies involved i.e Ministries , Kenya Bureau of Standards, Kenya Revenue Authority among others.

Market Research
We assist in carrying out market research matching the investors line of business by providing information on current market trends and projections, economic, political social and technological environments, as well as market size and competition and any other factors that would be of concern.
Opportunity Identification
Identify gaps to be filled within the current Kenyan market that align with the Investors’ portfolios, giving them a competitive advantage over the local market competitors.
Company Relations
We insist on great fruitful inter-member relationships that yield mutual benefits.
We have been here long enough to understand the economy. It all comes with years of experience and interactions with our members ans non-members.
Betting on a return can be difficult in new territories. We can help.
Laws and Regulations
Through our in-house legal team, we inform and educate members on current Kenyan Laws and regulations and informing them of changes that may affect them directly or indirectly. We also act as mediators in disputes in with a focus of having an amicable solution for parties involved.

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